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Antonella Clerici, quarrels with Mara Vinier: the unexpected background after years

Antonella Clerici is the wonderful and wonderful TV presenter who has been appreciated by many thanks to the TV show La prova del cuoco. But why did he fight with Mara Vinier? What happened?

Antonella Clerici and Mara Vinier – Politician 24

Antonella Clerici She’s one of the most talented presenters on our TV scene, so much so that even her reruns get excellent results in terms of engagement.

The reboot of The Voice Senior aired on Rai Uno on Saturday, July 31, with an 11% share. In the meantime, from what we’re seeing on Instagram, she’s relaxing and enjoying the holidays to regain her strength next fall. But what disagreement are we talking about? And what are the reasons?

Antonella Clerici, a versatile conductor, but ready to fight

Antonella Clerici participated in many different radio shows, for example in 2010 she was at the helm of Sanremo, and after that, she dealt with Ti I leave a song. In 2019, however, the young Sanremo was introduced.

She and Mara Vinier are two big stars on the small screen. They’ve been at the head of Rai Uno’s admiral performances, but they haven’t always gotten along with love and harmony. A few years ago, the presenter of The Interview, broadcast by Maurizio Costanzo, presenter of the new Portobello program, admitted that she and Queen Domenica In, in the past, had violent quarrels.

Two lionesses are ready to tear themselves apart

He pointed one, in particular, to Dominica Inn, where they made the walls tremble. She came from the success of La prova del cuoco, thanks to which she grew professionally in an important way, while Venier returned to Domenica In after years of absence. “Put two donnas together…”. For her part, the Venetian “rival” never denied it and already added that she was there Several very hot comparisons.

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Once upon a time when Chef Gianfranco Vesani chose Mara Venier for his kitchen column, not Antonella Clerici. Another due to a photo shoot at Christmas where ClĂ©rici was late and then again, as Aunt Mara mentioned, “her opponent” It could have forced her husband, Nicola Carraro, to move to the nineteenth grade in San Remo. Finally, there were also sparks when, at Domenica In, presenter E’ semper mezzogiorno intervened by phone to answer Pamela Prati and Venier declined the call.

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However, it seemed that there were no harsh feelings between the two of them, thus, perhaps this skirmish was inevitable.

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