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Vanessa Incontrada is out of control: “I may have cellulite, but…” |  The incendiary explosion after brutal insults from haters

Vanessa Incontrada is out of control: “I may have cellulite, but…” | The incendiary explosion after brutal insults from haters

Vanessa Incontrada – (Source Ansa)

For Vanessa Incontrada, it seems the issue of body shaming is far from over. The Spanish showgirl is talking about it again.

one of Vanessa IncontradaEver since she arrived in the world of entertainment, she has been one of them street in Continuous rise. Season 1978Zodiac sign SagittariusHe marked his first appearance on the big screen with the film The heart is somewhere elseDirected by Bobby Avatiwhere he joined Neri Marcory.

However, he also came first for her the televisionIt stood out in particular thanks to its hosting Zelig. Her performances in cinema never stopped, but she always remained on the subject of acting, as it is for her Many roles also reached the level of fantasy.

And there was one particular one, which is very creative lately, side by side Linen pillow In the TV series Don’t tell my boss Which, among the many surprises, seemed captivating in the first episode Introductory hatFriendly post Terence Hill In turn Don Mateo.

The Spanish showgirl also showed herself in vanishement And in successful imagination Captain MariaBut without forgetting Fosca Innocenti. However, at the moment, she finds herself occupied with a new set, which once again sees the magnificent Livorno as the scene of the shoot. Let’s talk about Just a mother.

Vanessa combines her past as a model and the modern era

In his long and prosperous career Vanessa It can also and above all boast a She passed as a model. In fact, she was noticed here and then moved to the small screen, launching her previously mentioned career. a Terrible storm However, it hit her hardFall 2021when, to behavior Strechia la Notiziawas charged after A Unfortunate joke.

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What’s called Slips Unfortunately it cost her to run the program, however VanessaBeing the strong and stubborn woman she is, she got back on her feet immediately He continued his journey At full speed, without giving yourself time, as they say, to feel sorry for yourself. but, Another recent storm had her up to speed, and she touched hers The physical aspect.

Incontrada goes back to talking about the time she experienced body shame
Vanessa Incontrada – Instagram –

“I may have cellulite but…”: Vanessa Incontrada silences the haters

It’s about a Not a very modern statementOwned by the showgirl herself Released some time ago In an interview during the taping of Sky’s Talent Dance dance dance. pointed to The changes your body has gone through after Pregnancy And the attacks he received from haters, which he thought well of Answer the same.

What amazed her most was that A lot of criticism arose king By womenwhich she was expecting instead More support and solidarity. “Always fight for what you believe in and for what you want. Never get discouraged, especially because of what others tell you. I would also suffer from cellulite, Ma I will continue to be on stage and be happyThese were the words she said Vanessa She proudly defended herself, much to the delight of her fans.