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Anticyclone ZEUS embraces all of Italy, but there will be some danger

Anticyclone ZEUS embraces all of Italy, but there will be some danger

Weather forecast for the weekend

At the end of the week we will have to deal for the first time with Zeus, a powerful anticyclone of subtropical origin, which will increase temperatures in many regions in an unusual way, in a way that never happens in January. But be careful, Saturday and Sunday will not be good weather everywhere.

A weekend walk would be enough unusual: In fact, a warm and stable air mass will arrive directly from the Sahara Desert, not from the Azores Islands as usual during this period. As happens during the summer's most intense and prolonged heat waves, this structure will assert itself over the weekend, thus Thermal values Above seasonal average since Saturday 27th, Especially the Alpine mountains and the Centre-South (Tyrrhenian side).

Temperatures are above average climate averages. Risk of fog and low values ​​in the north
However, as often happens during winter anticyclonic phases, we have to deal with the other side of high pressure: The the fog.
Thanks to calm winds and extreme atmospheric stability, Foggy banks return, especially in the early morning and after sunset Especially on that day In the northern plains and inner valleys of the center. If the gray blanket lasts during the day, the temperature will be lower in these parts of our country: in the next few hours, it will be possible to be more precise to identify the areas of high risk.

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