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Another cover for Vanessa Incontrada's body positivity :: Sue Today's Blog

Another cover for Vanessa Incontrada’s body positivity :: Sue Today’s Blog

he is right Sabrina Ferrelli: Even Vanessa Incontrada seems to have broken her balls to associate with body positivity. Or at least so it seems from the last interview published on Vanity Fair, where the questions on the subject – born from the now famous new photoshoot published in June, the one in which the actress was immortalized. Deliberately disrespectful shots – replies only “with indifference”. “He didn’t hurt me, I answered him carelessly,” he confirms twice. But even so, the cover shout was and still is, “You’re beautiful.” “You’re Beautiful” in the name of self-acceptance that Incontrada pioneered in 2011, when he denounced body shaming at a time Zelig. “You’re beautiful,” but she’s starting to get sick.

Yes, because beautiful Vanessa Incontrada has cried before The whole square of Naples Marking his latest live TV broadcast on Rai Uno. Some might say from the belly of the country. That belly of the country to which the message of “normalizing” the excess weight is directed by definition, which now seems to have processed, digested and absorbed it. And once again, he had already shrieked by the smartphone uproar that escalated in his defense on the occasion of the Nouveau voyage, a month ago. Thus, in short, although its repetition on the cover certainly does not imply anything negative (no counterproductive social battle, not even opportunism Influencers paid by multinational companies so), the news this time, which is a thousand, makes you raise your eyes to heaven. Because now everything has the flavor of beatification instead of honesty. This generates the opposite effect of empathy, which is boredom.

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The line between body positivity and rhetoric

We now know the line between body positivity and rhetoric. She is a wink. Wink to yourself and the audience. for flattery. This is for the celebration or self-celebration of those who deliberately take a photo in a bikini “imperfect” in order to gain identity with the public like a train on Instagram. But Vanessa Incontrada is not Georgia SoleriYou shouldn’t just keep stomping your ID for the social battle to keep building character. She is an artist, not an influencer, an artist that this year rumors wanted to be one step closer to being involved in managing Sanremo Festival. Of course, the battle for the body has served a lot in terms of image, but it must now be established and partly in the professional path.

Also because, finally, before the thousand cover of self-acceptance, one can also respond with provocation, or as the best of the internet’s provocateurs do, by pointing out that it is precisely by continuing to shine a light on the body. , that the alleged anomaly is still being confirmed. And if “normalization” in June ignored the photos published by director Riccardo Signoriti (because, if we were really thorough, we wouldn’t see anything strange in Vanessa’s new body), this time it could have happened again.