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GF Vibe, Soleil standing by Lulu: gesture against Manuel

Soleil Sorge has finally taken a stand on the end of the love story between Lulu and Manuel Bortuzzo. The columnist for La Pupa e il Nerio made a gesture on social media that leaves no room for doubt: for her she is the princess who came out with broken bones from this relationship…

What’s your opinion Soleil rise From the end of a love story between Manuel And Lulu? Columnist for La Pupa and the Geek (The Show You Landed After Leaving Home big brother vip) revealed his position on the separation of one of the couples who were born on the reality show.

Sulli, with whom he had initially established a nice relationship Manuel Portozzo, so much so that at first it seemed possible that there might be an interest of another kind on the part of the former swimmer, then in fact he experienced this relationship in a more detached way. Maybe that’s why tooformer suitor from men and women expressed support for Lulu…

GF Vip: Soleil Defends Lulu

GF Vibe, Soleil standing by Lulu: gesture against Manuel

In the study in the afternoon of five Soleil He confessed sorry To know the news of the breakup of this love story. According to Soleil, the error Manuel And lulu That was from “Encourage This love without living abroad. ” It is clear that this situation led to the emergence of many difficulties, as expressed by the princess herself.

Not only, Soleil rise Recently liked some comments to support Lulu. Out of all the fans, they noticed a very strange tweet in which the words were very clear and in full support lulu There is no indication of what he is going through Manuel:

Remember that You are never aloneYou have crazy fans like you. Brace yourself, and remember that you deserve much better in life.

All this is accompanied by giving Kiss between the lips lulu And Sully, In a moment of affection at home GF Vip. In short, it seems that Sully has not forgotten about his friend: even in this case he stands by his side!

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