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Another clear victory for Azzurre –

Another clear victory for Azzurre –

They all smile. also Paula Igono. Italy is doing its homework and archiving it with minimal effort Swiss In the second match of Group B of the European Championship. At a sold-out Arena di Monza (4,000 spectators), the Azzurri finished second 3-0 (25-14, 25-19, 25-) in a row and took charge of a group they should have no trouble winning. As already expected on the eve, David Mazzanti Confirms the formation that started the match against Romania at the Verona Arena with Antropova opposite. Egonu is on the bench and when he first enters the pitch, in the middle of the first set, the usual opposite double set change is also repeated in the second set, the arena (which the champion will see next season in the condominium with the Allianz Cloud in Milan). Unlike Verona, the first ball is meant for her right away and she doesn’t need to be asked and put it down. Then some other goodies, two aces and lots of hugs and “very well” by his teammates when returning to the bench.

In women’s volleyball, Antropova returned to the field from the start

The right way to start the physical and mental recovery process which will come in handy when the opponents level is growing. For the rest, the only fear of the evening was adjusting to the pace of the Swiss team making it to the European Championships after Russia was eliminated. Switzerland – The only team in the tournament coached by Australian coach Lauren Bertolacci – Try to raise the revs with the opposite Pinerolo (last year in Chieri) Stork And the breaker concealerItaly, however, never gives her the chance to play. Tomorrow evening we are back on the field again at 21.15 (live on Rai 2 and Sky Sport) vs Bulgaria Written by Lorenzo Miceli, one of the teachers of Davide Mazzanti, who was first offered an assistant position at Coredonia, at A2, 21 years ago. The starting lineup is the same as in Verona with horror in dribbling, Antropova Opposite, Petrini And Scylla in the band, Ljubljana And Danes in the center and Versino free. After starting with some uncertainty, the Blues immediately engage the autopilot. Orro manages his attackers with balance (6 Antropova, 5 Petrini and 5 Luppian in the first set) and Italy takes off.

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Egonu match

Egonu then enters, contributes to the cause, puts the critical stop into service and drives the partial Azzurri back to port. A little bit of fabric also from the following collections. Italy is the master of the field, Antropova is a hurricane, Pietrini passes with great regularity and so is the defense, which the coach has been working hard in training, giving good answers. With a very positive reception, Italy managed to make good use of the game from the middle and remove any reference point from the opposition block. Thus, the blues, without much problems, also take the second and third groups. Further evidentiary obligations are pending.