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Measure your emotional intelligence

Measure your emotional intelligence

Do you want to discover something interesting about yourself? Try this great test to measure your emotional intelligence.

So today we want to introduce you to an interesting one personality test It will make you spend some time in peace. In fact, today’s quiz will allow you to discover which one belongs to you emotional smartness And deepen, in a very playful way, those traits that set you apart the most.

If you actually want to know more about you Properties And differences from others (and maybe have fun at the same time) you can try to take this beautiful test. Obviously nothing scientific, but it could stimulate more thought about who you are.

Find out your emotional intelligence with this test

We talk about emotional intelligence when we refer to it based allowing you I wake up When everything seems more difficult. According to psychology, emotional intelligence is that capacity To recognize and use the feelings and emotions of others in a somewhat conscious way.

All this means that emotional intelligence is particularly dependent onSelf-awareness And the ability to Introspection. Thanks to the wonderful emotional intelligence, in fact, one can manage one’s emotions and at the same time convey great empathy.

It goes without saying that acquiring high emotional intelligence is critical to improving one’s intelligence Telecommunications and themselves relations Within the company. But it can help you solve problems and have a mind that is more open to diversity and complexity.


If you want to try Have fun Meanwhile to understand what your emotional intelligence is, try looking at the image we posted above and choose one of the representations shown in the box.

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relying on you AnswerIn fact, it will change the result that will say something about your emotional intelligence. We remind you of that It’s just a game And there is no scientific value. So enjoy and take this test with maximum relaxation.

shape 1

If your attention has settled on the figure No. 1it means that you cherish Obstacles that life has put in front of you. You are able to settle, even in new places and contexts and have good skills in introspection.

You are doing a great job work on yourself And you are constantly evolving to try to improve more and more and achieve satiate Personal. You have a great desire to confine in the past some experiences that you did not like and try in every way not to conflict with your present;

Figure 2

The second number is somewhat personal creative. Perhaps, in fact, you are someone who enjoys a great deal of fun Instinctive emotional intelligence. You like, in fact, to have great mental flexibility in dealing with things and like little of life’s joys;

Figure 3

If you choose the number 3, it means that you have a beautiful mind Analytical and that you are smart deductive. This means that you need to look at your past and analyze it so that everything fits together. It is precisely for this reason that you are a fan of planning.


You are a wonderful talented person kindness And they often express feelings, even if you’d prefer to agree with rationality. Perhaps it is precisely for this reason that you adore studying and discovering scientific topics;

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Figure 4

Figure 4 is a typical choice of someone who has a great balance between them deductive intelligence And emotional smartness. This means that you are not afraid to let go of feelings, but you can still rely on rationality. You are a true leader and your goals are very ambitious;

Figure 5

The closed triangle shown in Figure 5 represents those who are able to hold themselves in a particularly effective manner emotions. However, sometimes this does not allow you to express your qualities to the fullest, despite the fact that you have great artistic skills;

Figure 6

If you finally choose the number 6, it probably means that you are a needy person work So much about their feelings. You don’t like to get carried awayemotional Nor can it be said that you are a sympathetic person.