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Android TV, find this button: Increase video quality

Android TV, find this button: Increase video quality

If you are using Android TV, we recommend that you look for this button right away. Thus, the video quality increases.

Thanks for the last two Smart TV developmentsToday, it has become possible to enjoy practically unlimited entertainment just from the comfort of your sofa at home. In fact, new generation technologies give you the opportunity to connect your TV to your WiFi connection, so you can take advantage of the smart hub To download applications of all kinds. From video streaming platforms to music and gaming platforms, it's all at your fingertips…the remote.

Secret Android TV button that improves quality –

One of the most appreciated and used systems in this sense is Android TV, designed by Google and able to provide the community with all the necessary features. If you are also using this program, you should know that there is a trick to increase the video quality – and slightly. This is the button to look for and click immediately; You'll be amazed at the graphical display you'll be able to get even with older TVs.

Secret Android TV button: This is how you can increase the video quality

Android TV system for TVs It hides some gems and secrets that are worth discovering and using intelligently. There is one in particular that we will tell you about today that will give you the opportunity to do just that Achieve video quality Even better than what I'm used to.

This secret Android TV button increases video quality –

In fact, there is a proper button that has not yet been discovered. To use it, just log in Google Play Store From your remote then go to the option that gives you the option of that Storage memory management next to the applications installed on your device. This way, you will be able to Remove programs that require a lot of space It is rarely used.

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This is a useful gem that will give you the opportunity to perform all tasks System software updates the case. As you already know, updates are always necessary and should be downloaded as soon as possible to enjoy maximum security. And not only that, because the new features just released on Android TV will give you the opportunity to increase Video quality of service. This is even higher considering the larger storage memory available, which is capable of providing unprecedented mobility. Seeing is believing, it's all available and free already.