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15 suspects and 26 police searches

15 suspects and 26 police searches

“Order of Hughes” – At the center of the investigation into the new Nazi saboteur society that led to the defeat in various regions is a group called the “Order of Hughes” on its website. Not all recipients of searches will be registered in the register of suspects, they are fifteen in total.

No news On Order’s website, there is also a post claiming that the anti-Govt vaccine is “not a vaccine, but a test gene therapy that can mutate DNA in a permanent and permanent way.” According to reports from the investigation, No Wax positions on the site were used as a “reminder” to bring converts closer to the Nazis.

Two leaders The people considered to be the leader of the group are Mauricio Amendola and Michael Rinaldi, aged 40 and 46, chairman and vice-chairman of the Order of Huckle, who also challenge them to possess weapons.

Military training and Hitler rituals – The association had an operational base in the province of Naples, but it also used the support of ex-Ukrainian militants to conduct paramilitary exercises in some areas between the Neapolitan and Keserta regions. The arsenal contained “Airsoft” weapons, commonly used in fighting games with rubber balls, to replace real projectiles. The group conducted face-to-face and social networking lectures to expand their Facebook network: a “teaching” with a strong hegemon and a massacre denial matrix with the Hitrian symbol and ritual.

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