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America: Reagan’s bombing of unconditional freedom – North America

(ANSA) – New York, June 01 – John Hingley, who attempted to assassinate then US President Ronald Reagan in 1981 after 41 years, will be released unconditionally. Since June 15, in fact, all restrictions have fallen on Hingley, who has admitted that he only tried for the president’s life to attract the attention of the actress couple Foster, whom he frantically fell in love with.

The request for unconditional release was accepted by the judge last year. Since then, Hingley, who suffers from mental disorders, has also been allowed to live alone.

He currently resides in Virginia, but with restrictions on his electronic devices, including restrictions on travel to locations under the control of the authorities, email or secret service. In July, Hingley, who plays guitar, is planning a concert in Brooklyn, New York. (Handle).

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