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An undersea cable between the United States and Argentina - economy

An undersea cable between the United States and Argentina – economy

Google has announced plans to build a new submarine cable that will connect the east coast of the United States and Los Tonas, Argentina. Called Firmina, the idea is to provide users in South America with better low-latency access to Google’s cloud and consumer services portfolio. The cable will be designed and installed by Subcom by the end of 2022 and will be operational by 2023. The nearest Google data center in the region (and the only one in South America) is located near Santiago, Chile, which is connected to the west coast by cable cable from the United States and Google. Firmina Cable, which derives its name from Brazilian writer and abolitionist Maria Firmina dos Reyes, has already partially launched Mountain View’s investment in the region. For example, Dunnet Cable, a joint venture between Antel Uruguay and Google, already connects the same locations, while Monet Cable connects the United States and Brazil. “With submarine cables, data travels as pulses of light into optical fibers,” Google explains. “That light signal is amplified every 100 kilometers by high voltage electricity supplied to stations in each country.” Not only does the new cable add capacity, it also adds backlash to Google’s current network.