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Alfonso Signorini's decision

Alfonso Signorini’s decision

Nicolas Besso was accused of insulting the older brother Phoebe.

Among the few rules that cannot be violated, this Alfonso Signorini I decided to keep it for the renters of the house big brother vip, there is no swearing. Video Nicolas Besso He made fans wrinkle their noses, confident that the givino had broken the rule. Now it’s up Gentlemen decide the future Nicola In the most spy house in Italy.

Big Brother Vibe, do you swear by Nicolas Besso?

Alfonso Signorini It is clear from the first episodes that Sixth Edition of Big Brother Vip It will be different from its predecessors, which are characterized by several disqualifications that are often not fully shared by public opinion. Among the rules that everyone is forced to observe, remain the rules of non-compliance swearsunder penalty of immediate removal. Nicolas BessoThe hero of the tormented love story you didn’t set out with Mirjana TrevisanLooks like he made a serious misstep, blasphemy.

Nikola suffers a lot After falling and feeling severe pain in the coccyx area, to the point that the doctor had to immediately intervene by prescribing a treatment to limit the damage. in a Video those nails NicolaThe Jivino stretches toward the ground to retrieve something, and the intense pain causes him to marvel at every atmosphere of his universe Rowing.

The public is divided, because many think so Nicola To be forgiven as very painful, and many others have not heard slanderous divine titles as claimed by those who, on the other hand, shared the video on social networks to criticize pesos. The question, then, is hotly debated and, while David Silvestri distances himself from Solly Sorge, will be important Gentlemen Decide what happened. Nicola will be disqualified?

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