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Alfa Romeo, more profitability.  In 2022, it was the Suv Tonale

Alfa Romeo, more profitability. In 2022, it was the Suv Tonale

Brand CEO Jean-Philippe Imprato explains Stellantis’ plans for the snake. The Giorgio platform continues to be used

Stellantis reassures and details the future of Alfa Romeo, through a program that is “already well defined, with the next five years being” armed “and funded.” Said by Jean-Philippe Imprato inAnsa. The French manager, with his Jetta-born grandfather, was called in by Carlos Tavares to lead Alfa Romeo on the strength of the successes achieved with the re-launch of Peugeot. With precise indicators: protecting the universal value of the premium brand and the goal of profitability not quotas “With Carlos, we never talked about Alfa panels, but about quality and improvement in premium placement. Also about the fundamental aspects in this area, such as pricing power and residual value for used vehicles.” “Alfa Romeo – the proven Imparato – has great international value, and is known around the world. It is well known in Europe, and in America thanks to Marchionne’s work, but it is also in China. That is why it is not in discussion that we have a presence in the US. To be global And special, you have to be there. “

Tonale arrives in 2022

The next significant launch will be the launch of the Tonale SUV, which after the program’s “review” will also be an additional hybrid “using the best of the range technology”. I learned about him that he said “There will also be other engines” and he expected the show to be “in March 2022 and that the commercial launch will be in June, two days after the Republic Day.” “Within a group like Stellantis – he said – it was imperative to have time to evaluate and improve this strategic model. With the goal of reducing carbon dioxide by 60% in 2030 and complying with the upcoming Euro6.4 standards, it was imperative that it be electrified.” “The importance of this model is – he emphasized – the fact that it has the right performance to satisfy the 50% professional customer in this sector. That is why we work hard on residual value and operating costs.”

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Other future models and the Giorgio platform

Speaking about other futuristic models, and on electrification, Imprato stressed that the Stellantis electric platforms “are promising, with a range of more than 700 kilometers. But Alpha will interpret this in its own way, in line with its own values,” and if “in the long term it will be built.” The cars of the D and E groups on the new Stella Large (Stla) platform – the French director said – the Giorgio platform (that is the one on which Julia and Stelvio was born) is located and located in Cassino. Alphas will be built in the future on Giorgio, while maintaining the performance and characteristics of the brand until With electricity, leaving no doubt, he said, “The spirit of the Alpha remains strongly Italian, like 90% of the people working there, and the French here are only two, and one is me.”