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Alessandro Gassman is doing an incredible thing, he has arrived in Japan!

Awaiting news on the progress of his work projects, the actor is giving us an exciting scoop to say the least.

Alexander Gassman He is the son of art, who was able to create an amazing career and be one of the most famous and present Italian actors, as he came out “from the shadows” From the father.

Gassman has been entertaining audiences in prime time for years now Rai Uno Among the novels in which he participated, the most awaited is undoubtedly “The Rascals of Pizzofalcone”which will be broadcast 2023. The season finale left viewers in suspense and we can’t wait to see the sequel.

Maurice DiGiovanni He is the author of this TV series, as well as other popular novels: Commissioner Ricciardi. And the “September Mina”. But before entering the homes of Italians through the screen, this series was known through the pages of the novels of the same name.

Fans of the writer could not miss their favorite work, which was turned into a TV series. And who knows “Bastards” With fiction, he definitely bought books to get clearer ideas and find more ideas thanks to two different means of publishing the work: paper and video.

Massimiliano Gallo, Simona Tabasco, Jasman And all the other actors in the cast are hosted by the city of Naples, where the new season will be filmed. Alessandro Gassmann is a modern actor who uses his social channels to deepen the relationship between himself and his fans and inform them of any heartbreaking news. Like the last one transports gassmann abroad.

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Alessandro arrives in the Land of the Rising Sun

There are not so many films in which the Romanian actor starred as a hero, and they all promise success thanks to his acting skills. for example, “Cross and Joy”It was released in cinemas in 2019 and is available on the streaming platform “Netflix”.

The main theme of the comedy is homosexualitybut they are not seen and tested by young boys who have not yet discovered who they really are (a plot often used for this type of film) but by two full men, with lives “Normal” It has already established itself for some time in family and emotional relationships.

The two men in question play them Alexander Gassman And the Fabrizio Bentivoglio By revealing to their families they will bring imbalances and doubts to a hidden reality. Finally, the movie also arrived Japan! An address not to be missed.