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If you solve this quiz, you are a genius


If you can solve this quiz that is driving the web crazy, you are definitely a very smart person. Pay attention, however, to every little detail.

This is one of the many mathematical logic tests circulating on the web. These little challenges are fun, but above all they give an idea of ​​the level of logic everyone has.

Quiz that tests your mathematical logic skills (web source)

Beware of the pitfalls that hide behind these challenges

These are simple mathematical games that can only be solved with more complex inference. Few people manage to solve the test, even if at first glance it seems very simple. As you can see from the image, it is not a simple equation, and in fact we are not dealing with numbers, but with images depicting fruits.

Obviously, each number represents a number, but you don’t have to stop at the first thought that comes to your mind. probably You may fall into the error of carelessness. We therefore advise you to take more than a few moments to analyze the amounts in order to be able to provide the correct result.

It is a test that seems trivial at first glance, but most of the time it misleads those in front of it. The solution, in fact, is not very clear.

The test solution is not instantaneous

The first line is clear enough: every apple equals the number seven. Starting with this first information, it is possible to reach the end result even if A small pitfall is hidden in the image.

Which result you thought was wrong if it didn’t match 21. It really is that result The correct number that solves the equation. Indeed, if the value of an apple is seven, then a grape, in a simple formula, will equal 12; But for the same reason, starting from the known value of an apple, it can be said that three bananas are equal to six.

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Quiz that tests your mathematical logic skills (web resource)
Quiz that tests your mathematical logic skills (web source)

But the trick is hidden in the last line. If you say, in fact, that the solution is 25, you’re wrong. Indeed, next to the grapes in the fourth row there are not three bananas, but one! This is why the value of six must be divided by three: So the banana equals two This is why The score you get is only one: 21.

If you enjoy quizzing yourself, we urge you to find other quizzes of this kind online to spend a few carefree moments and challenge your friends as well.


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