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Al Rai, the government gives the green light to sell the company to Ray Way Towers.  Usigrai: "Only one way to fix the hole in Viale Mazzini"

Al Rai, the government gives the green light to sell the company to Ray Way Towers. Usigrai: “Only one way to fix the hole in Viale Mazzini”

The government’s green light for the possibility opinion To sell its stakes in the transmission tower company, in a process that paves the way for the reorganization of the sector. Chairman of Board of Directors Mario Draghi Sign the dpcm that allows Viale Mazzini to go below height 51% of its stake in Rai Way, currently set at 65%. The publicly listed company owns the radio and television broadcasting network. Now a project Merger with E Towers, Who carries the transport infrastructure Mediaset In Italy, it can be restarted. the Union Usigrai He asked for clarification: “Why is the government open to the possibility of Rai losing control of its transmission towers? Regarding the strategic asset of the public utility company, the government has a duty to explain Reasons Of this choice,” he writes in a note. “Before placing a public heritage Of this size he should clarify what is the strategic project of the state system with regard to the issue of communication and broadcasting towers. So far, it appears to be just a way to allow Rai’s CEO to raise money with a new wave of sales. So, again – just like in 2014 – the government is causing A hole in the coffers of Raiwith 100% of the proceeds from Viale Mazzini not secured canonThen he asks Rai to sell his duplicates for a fee Fix that hole And keep the accounts balanced. We hope we are wrong. But that is the message today.”

In fact, there was already an attempt seven years ago when big snakewho then owned the majority of the company’s shares, attempted to launchtakeover offer On the road to Rai that broke the government’s opposition RenziUnlike selling towers, which are considered a strategic asset to the country. Standard 2014, now superseded cycling decreeThe, It prevented public television from falling below 51%. At this point, it looks like the scenario is destined to change. Ei Towers is 60% owned by the group. F2iLed by Renato Ravanelli and at 40% MediaForEurope (Mfe), the new name for Mediaset. Consideration will be given to the creation of a new group, capable of financing more than two billion euros, which would control all national infrastructures and could create administrative synergies and thus Reduce costs Also in favor of Rai, which is already struggling with a cut plan to deal with declining revenue.

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A plan will be outlined that could find opposition from different political forces, as happened in 2015. At the moment, it is the party of the former prime minister that raises its voice. Matthew Renzi. It’s a “gross text”, approved “without anything Transparency And without being told what the purpose of the extra money is going into Rai’s pockets,” he says Michele Anzaldi, Italia Viva Vice and Secretary of the Supervisory Committee, who adds: “The guarantee that the towers remained public good, set up by Renzi in 2014, could have been rescinded without any reassurances as to the destination of this legacy. Bad page, I will check if there are parliamentary or other tools to prevent this decision.”