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Thelma e Louise 30 anni dopo

After 30 years, Thelma and Louise, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis are together again

It’s been 30 years since the legends Thelma E. LouiseHolding hands, they threw themselves in بأنفسهم Grand Canyon on board Ford Thunderbird Towards Freedom: One of the most famous movie scenes ever, which has become a symbol of perseverance, female liberation and friendship without limits.

Susan Sarandon E Geena Davis They boarded again in a blue convertible to celebrate the anniversary of the film that made them icons of cinema. It seems like time has stopped and footage of the encounter, (which Davis posted on Instagram) has gone viral around the world.

The special event was held in Los Angeles, just to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this legendary movie: a kind of drive was set up where the actresses were able to see the movie that made them famous. Geena Davis is 65 years old today. Susan Sarandon 75. Both of them have had wonderful careers in cinema and it is good to know that Sarandon has also become an ambassador forHe. She for food and agriculture. One of those women we like to identify with a capital D, “Louise” which many would like as a girlfriend.

Seeing them together, hugging them back in that car brought back old memories. The film, in 1992, also won an award Oscar Just like the best screenplay: the story, simple but intense at the same time, tells the life and bitterness of two people Friends forced to flee After killing the man who tried to offend someone.

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The daring escape And the chase, with the police constantly on their way, is the kind of picture that even those who, perhaps, haven’t seen the whole movie, are familiar with. For the most attentive and affectionate, it must be remembered that a very young man also appears in the film Brad Pitt Struggling with the first links a Hollywood: at Thelma and LouiseThe actor plays a handsome and damned cowboy who manages to trick and rob one of his friends.

In short, it is one of those movies that are worth watching and why not watch it at least once in a lifetime. Because we all dreamed ofFriendship can save us From the abyss, to bring us out of our shell, able to stay by our side despite adversity at all costs.

Geena Davis pictured her reunion on Instagram

Geena Davis on Instagram: Pictures of Thelma & Louise reunion after 30 years