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Administrative pause, then you can't move

Administrative pause, then you can’t move

Administrative detention is a very severe punishment that literally paralyzes the car of those who have been injured.

Unfortunately, in this period of serious crisis, many Italians suffer from this very difficult procedure. So it is important to understand what it is and how to get rid of it. It is a collection body that implements administrative detention procedures.

If you have a religion Unfortunately, you cannot pay for itwhich is very common in this period when families are very fragile from an economic point of view, and here the collection body can implement this measure.

Financial Jaws: Trouble moving the car

Administrative detention is also called financial jaws. In fact, it is as if the car has set its jaws. Not only is it forbidden to roam with the vehicle under administrative detention but this is not possible scrape or even demolish.

The car is completely paralyzed and until the debts from the public administration are paid, the car will be in this state. It’s important to remember that It is absolutely impossible to drive a vehicle under administrative detention Because the penalties are really strong From 1988 euros to 7953 euros. Also if you are driving a vehicle that is under administrative detention and there must be damage to things or people Insurance is not even obligated to compensate. Let’s see concretely who risks administrative detention.

When does the downtime run and what are its consequences

First of all, we start with a tax invoice that the taxpayer must Pay within 60 days. If you are unable to pay for the volume, you can request a premium. If it is not the case with the installment, it is possible to pay a stop notice when it arrives. With discontinuation notice, start 30 days in order to make the payment. This is the last term granted to the taxpayer. Self These 30 days must also pass by Without paying off the debt, the car will stop and the consequences will be very dire.

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used car problem

When buying a used car It is very important to check that there is no administrative stop on the car. In fact, only later finding out, a punishment of this kind would be a really bad surprise that would put those who bear it in trouble. But when buying a used car, there are many checks that need to be done. It is necessary to inspect the car not only from a technical point of view but also from a management point of view since there are many weights that can burden the car.