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Damiano e Giorgia Soleri

Damiano De Manskine and Georgia Soleri: their beautiful love

Damiano David Perhaps from historical memory The most envious and wanted boy In Italy. Envy because you are just over 20 years old, with ManskinHe achieved what was difficult to achieve in his career: he achieved won sanremoL’Eurovision Song Contesta EMAplayed with (or rather) me rolling stones. Desirable because she is as beautiful and elegant as the sun, she has not only created a new way of being and presenting herself to the public, but has succeeded in the difficult task of pleasing everyone, from 10 to 90 years old. Teens and twenties, mothers and grandmothers: women are obsessed with it.

But Damiano is not only beautiful and charming, Damiano It’s never straightforward or superficial. This is what makes the difference to many “2D” models. He also showed this in his emotional choices. For two years now, he could have collected stories and jokes with him collectiveInfluential colleagues models. Only in Italian art shows, not to mention the United States, did a celebrity express more frankly her attraction to him. Instead of that , Rude on stage as shy in privateHe always jealously kept his privacy, only to discover two years later that he was (and still is) happily attached. Giorgia Soleri.

And let’s get to the point: Georgia is not just an influential model. She is not just a pretty girl. She is a tough girl, who has been fighting for a long time to raise awareness of what her plight has been for years vulvar pain, that her Instagram Stories and videos do not do her to advertise detox creams, cosmetics, or drinks, or to show off bags or boots, but rather to talk about her past struggles, to help patients like her, but who don’t know. How to contact or how to get help.

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Who silently follows Damiano around the world for a long time without stealing the show or stealing the light from him. He also accompanies her in demonstrations and events related to his mission.

Damiano and Georgia are beautifulThere’s no point in going around it. And their feelings are clear, clear, it’s not a soap bubble, it’s not marketing or advertising for both of us. Their love is beautiful and trueThe few photos that they post on social networks testify to this. Seeing them together, even accomplices and in love, is balm for the eyes and heart.

Damiano and Georgia Soleri