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Activision, Zero Tolerance Doesn't Apply To Bobby Kotick In The absence of Evidence -

Activision, Zero Tolerance Doesn’t Apply To Bobby Kotick In The absence of Evidence –

staff Activision They discussed with the management, and asked if it was the case Bobby Kotik The intolerance Which the company has used in other situations, but receive an answer that does not exist at the moment Proof related to the CEO’s behavior.

According to some testimonies, Kotik had known about the sexual harassment years ago and could have committed it himself, but these are exactly the statements without concrete evidence, which also refers to events that occurred ten years ago.

Perhaps this is also why the Activision Board of Directors has stood by the CEO, in the name of principle a guarantee Which, however, was not applied to other cases, hence the requests for clarification from the staff.

Bobby Kotik, President and CEO of Activision

In short, the situation is off: on the one hand, there are the employees of Activision, who hear themselves even in a ferocious way and demand the resignation of CEO Bobby Kotik; On the other hand, there is an administration that probably won’t give in, unless the scandal generates an economic backlash.

Meanwhile, Jim Ryan has also criticized Activision after allegations of harassment, and more authoritative voices may join him at this point.

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