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Abortion in the US: Disney, Netflix and other media support women

Abortion in the US: Disney, Netflix and other media support women

Major media companies in the United States have spoken out recently Prevention On themiscarriage The Supreme Court decided in recent days: Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Comcast and Warner Bros. are joining the franchise. Discovery, Sony, Meta (the parent company of Facebook and Instagram) to various companies. Companies Which will cover your travel costs Women who will have to move from their places of residence To other states in the union where termination of pregnancy is still protected by local laws.

As stated in the memo she sent to her employees last Friday, Disney Recognizes the impact of the Supreme Court's decision on women's lives and reaffirms “Commitment to providing access to affordable, high-quality health care“For all employees and their families, including Family planning and reproductive health“,”Regardless of place of residence“.For Mickey Mouse’s house, this is a somewhat sensitive topic given that There is Disney World and many other activities Floridaa state where Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has severely tightened abortion restrictions: thus many women who work for the company will have to travel to other states.

In the same vein Netflix She announced that she intends to cover travel expenses of up to $10,000 for her employees, which covers not only cancer treatments, organ transplants and gender confirmation surgeries, but also pregnancy terminations. Warner Bros. Discovery It similarly expanded its health benefits to include trips to other states for similar reasons. also Comcast, the company that owns NBC Universal (and in Italy Sky), which in turn owns a theme park in Florida, will cover expenses and medical procedures not available at the property. Leaders Basic They also offered support to employees by saying they want to be compensated for expenses that include “Contraception, abortion, and other health care costs when prohibited in your area“.

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I The world of entertainment More broadly, it moves to support women after these regressive steps back at the general level: the party community Long live the nation She emphasized her closeness to women and reiterated the possibility of providing financial coverage to those who have to leave their country of residence for medical reasons; BuzzFeed It will offer refunds in the 13 states where abortion is restricted by law; Condé Nast (The publisher publishes in the United States and also in Italy Wired) announced that he hadIt expanded its health benefits in the United States to include employees and their family members who need access to reproductive care regardless of where they live.Other companies like Google, Meta, Sony Music GroupI Sundance Institute Many others have made similar statements and commitments.