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A slimmer and younger-looking face thanks to this natural but trendy color for 20 and 50 year olds

A slimmer and younger-looking face thanks to this natural but trendy color for 20 and 50 year olds

In recent years, hairstyles have become more fashionable, but above all, extravagant colors. Especially the younger ones, indulge themselves in bright and unusual shades such as blue and green. Recently, however, there is a return to the origins, albeit always in a modern way. So natural colors are back in vogue, with an emphasis on hair health and radiance. Light itself is the basis of a trend that has now established itself in the past year. We will have a slimmer and younger face thanks to this natural but trendy color at the age of 20 to 50. It is not excessively visible interference that distorts the appearance, but only to attract light in the right places with some well-known technique. Another good news is that we will be able to enjoy its effects for a long time without the need for special maintenance and consequent waste of time and money.

A slimmer and younger-looking face thanks to this natural but trendy color for 20 and 50 year olds

Perhaps the preference for neutral and natural hair dyes, which do not require frequent interventions, is a young daughter of the epidemic. After all, hairdressers closed their doors for a long time, and even later, many Italians found themselves in financial straits.

And perhaps even the technique of coloring to illuminate the face stems from the need to highlight it despite the mask.

This technology is that being scannedIt is used to obtain different shades of the same shade in a natural way. But this time, it is directed above all to the tufts of hair that frame the face. This technique known as face framing takes us straight back to the ’90s, but today we find it in a more elegant key, because the color gap is less noticeable. It is just a matter of lowering the hair color around the face in order to lighten it.

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However, the placement of these light touches should vary according to the shape of our face. A person with a sharp or angular face, for example, should prefer balayage spread over the lengths. For a round face, on the other hand, the face framing technique should focus mainly on the ends, so as to create the optical illusion of a more elongated face. In the case of a heart-shaped face, the hair just below the temples should be lightened to the ends, in order to accentuate the cheekbones.

Besides the traditional colors, we also find the face frame in more exotic colors such as pearl blond, gray-pink and lilac.

As for choosing the nuances of our hair, it’s time to say Enough with the usual shades, this is the natural color that has become so popular this winter.


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