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Fire on Elba Island, homes and camps empty, fear around Rio

Fire on Elba Island, homes and camps empty, fear around Rio

Rio (Livorno), 21 August 2023 – Another fire On the island of Elba, still in the mountains in the municipality of Rio. A fire broke out in the evening, After 9 pm. The Burning is part of the Mediterranean maquis near the city, which has been the scene of fires on several occasions. There was a recent fire in the area Last August 11th. The flames were moving toward Ortano, the southeastern tip of the island of Elba.

The front of the flames, which started from the Fonte di Coppi area, was about 300 meters long. They burn plants and bushes. Sources say Mercy of Porto Azzurro, flames also hit part of an evacuated home. Two people inside with a dog. They are all safe. There were no injuries. Later, other houses and a camp in the Ortano area were evacuated as a precaution, which was particularly threatened by the fire front.

On top of thatElba Strong winds blow during these hours, which favors the spread of flames. Helicopters cannot take off as it is night time.

As a precaution, Provincial Road to Rio It was closed to traffic to avoid problems for motorists and to facilitate the passage of emergency vehicles.

Local people saw the fire spread during the night by motorists Goes through the provincial road. Ground intervention by civil defense forces was immediate. Firefighters and forest officials rushed to the spot From all over Elba. But forest fire crews from other areas have also been alerted and are ready to leave in the next few hours if needed. Carabinieri, Forest Carabinieri, General Assistance and Compassion of Porto Azzurro but also personnel from the Metalliferous Hills intervened.

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Many photos and videos on social networks. Many users see flames from Piombino.