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A questionable leak indicates upcoming news in 2022

A questionable leak indicates upcoming news in 2022

On the pages of the discussed 4chan forum, a CD Projekt insider claims to have what, according to him, will be the list of the next “premium” additional content and free updates that will be of interest Cyberpunk 2077 movie During the year that just started.

The information shared by the “deep throat” is rather detailed, and for this reason, they do indeed make the rounds of social networks and forums frequented by the community despite the objective impossibility of verifying the authenticity of the source.

According to the self-designed link, 2022 will be a year especially full of surprises and unreleased content for fans of the groundbreaking sci-fi movie CD Projekt: “Soft Reboot” di Cyberpunk 2077 with patch 1.5. The update in question will lead the title to transform itself into a “Samurai Edition” and will be accompanied by graphical and playful improvements forCyberpunk 2077 su PS5 e Xbox Series X / S update..

The patch should find space for many innovations such as adding barbers, garage, improved AI for enemies and cops, and again, dispatch system, rebalancing of the manufacturing system and a new user interface. Patch 1.5 should follow a free DLC pack with 4 all-new weapons, New Game Plus mode, new baits and the ability to customize the V apartment, as well as adding new dialogue lines for Judy and Panam.

As for the Cyberpunk 2077’s First Expansion, the leaker claims that it will be set in the Pacifica neighborhood and will focus on the clash between gangs of Bozos (psychopathic clowns) and a slaughterhouse (fascist psychopaths). Within 2022 we should see the addition of a new mini-game similar to Gwent and set in cyberspace, with JRPG-style tokens to collect and use in battle both single-player and multiplayer. There is not even a quote from A New anime called Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners Made by Studio Trigger.

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As usual, we invite you to take these rumors as pliers and consider them as such, especially given the source from which this leak comes and the impossibility of tracing the history of the previous developments of the leaker in question to assess its reliability.