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A new spacesuit designed for Mars by RadiciGroup

A new spacesuit designed for Mars by RadiciGroup

A team of companies in the Italian textile supply chain, led by RadiciGroup, has created the first similar simulated spacesuit entirely designed and engineered in Italy, for use in the Space Medicine Operations (SMOPS) mission, which is promoted and organized by Mars Planet, the Italian division of the Bergamo-based Mars Society. under the auspices of the Italian Space Agency.
SMOPS’ mission focuses on space medicine, monitoring the health of future astronauts and developing technologies to support simulating life in space and the planetary environment.

RadiciGroup, which collaborates with important Italian textile groups such as Eurojersey, Vagotex and DEFRA, is committed to making this project a reality. In fact, it provided the materials to build the clothing of the six similar astronauts who would participate in the mission, and orchestrated the technological development that led to the creation of technical clothing for use in extreme conditions. In fact, the clothes will be used, from April 10 to 23, to conduct a series of experiments at the installed research station in the Utah desert, simulating conditions for life and work on Mars.

“By participating in SMOPS, RadiciGroup and other textile companies that we participated in the project, I was able to get closer to a frontier sector such as aerospace, enhance and expand their knowledge and try innovative solutions that could then have business applications, for example in the biomedical sector or where high safety standards are required – comments Filippo Servalli of Radici InNova, RadiciGroup Research and Innovation – in this mission we have been able to take advantage of skills related to developing personal protective clothing (PPE) acquired during the pandemic and then apply them to the industrial sector, taking them to a higher level ».

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A contribution to the SMOPS mission by the team led by RadiciGroup is to create three technical garments, featuring high standards in luxury, comfort and performance, that will allow similar astronauts to move easily and safely outside the base station with the help of advanced control, monitoring and communications systems.

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