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A country in shock - Libero Quotidiano

A country in shock – Libero Quotidiano

Britain’s story shocked me Marguerite Lugri, dead at home alone 56 years. The woman residing in Belfast in Northern Ireland take his life. You are famous for winning 27 million pounds sterling (Equivalent 37 million euros) In the the lottery 8 years ago. Despite his resounding luck, he chose to continue living in the same humble abode, and indeed he had always considered this stroke of luck to be He destroys in his life. The woman bought the winning ticket on her way back from the labor office where she went to seek work.

This alone made the news a modern tale. Margaret lived on just £48 in interest a week. Thanks to this “ticket”, he earned not only a quiet old age, on paper, but also dozens of interviews and front pages in national news and tabloids. Immediately named “Maggie Millions”Not without envy. Realizing the fortune she had invested, Lovery immediately donated half of that prize’s total to charity, then invested the rest of that money to buy one storey house, a pub that it Ex MolinoWith the intention of turning it into an entertainment center. In short, unlike the poor who became rich and greedy.

A story, however, without a happy ending, by his own admission: “If there was hell, I was there. I regret winning Lottery – admitted to general astonishment -. I was a happy person before but I was winning ruined my life“Of those 27 million, she had left still 5 So much more than the average person can say they earn their whole life. However, economic affluence weighed like Damocles’ sword on Margaret, who had neither a husband nor children. The loneliness that made her suffer from alcohol addiction problems, exacerbated by the fame and money that rained down on her head in 2013.

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