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Emiliano and de Luca's attempt to "climb" the Democrats

Emiliano and de Luca’s attempt to “climb” the Democrats

Vincenzo de Luca e Michael Emiliano, Two heavyweights from the Democrats in the South, make Enrico Letta tremble. The first John started a real hatred against the bill, the second flirted with the local right and blatantly praised Matteo Salvini.

Moves that put Leta’s leadership in serious danger, which has already been undermined by various internal frictions. For now everything is moving under the radar, waiting for the fall wato, which will involve the secretary at the College of Pisa (no longer safe). Management decisions in Milan, Turin, Rome, Bologna and Naples will also be decisive. Only in these last two cities did the alliance with the M5S emerge, and considering the internal and external difficulties, it was not excluded that minorities should be asked to call a new Congress. It is in this context that both governors move efficiently. “They see a political space in the possibility of representing a regionDemocratic Party Conversing with Salvini. “Above all, de Luca should try to record the Democratic dialogue, as it is realistic that Letta has a very serious agenda, a very intelligent one, and that broad deals will last into the next legislature,” he said. A member of parliament who is familiar with the usual political dynamics of the South claims that he owes part of his election to the boycott of the League’s actions against Meloni’s candidate Rafael Fitto, while others argue that Emiliano wants to be recognized as the ‘Democrat Gia’. “. “Basically, even if they can’t bring him down, they are preparing for the event that Letta will no longer be there.

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One event, the latter, however, excludes Gianfranco PasquinoProfessor of Political Science, University of Bologna He says: “Well, they are both in second place and I don’t think they have big ambitions. I have the impression that it is being advertised against the Democrats. To say this with Nanny Moretti: Do I care too much if I am a loyal party leader and official leader or if I criticize loyal party leaders and official speakers? The answer they give themselves is second, therefore, they criticize. “True, according to Turin’s political scientist, it’s simple:” Emiliano wants to prevent the League from being in Puglia, while there is a part of de Luca that promises that Bill John certainly does not like. “Finally, the agreement with the Democrats exists now, but it is difficult to propose it again in the future.” I do not know what will happen in 2023, but, as it turns out, if the center-right gets a large majority it will certainly not be able to converse with Emiliano or de Luca. I don’t see this as a visionary strategy, especially not the characters in the Salvinio or Melonio dialogue, ”Pasquino comments.