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Affonda uno Yatch nel Golfo di Squillace

A boat to Milazzo sinks, updates on the crew and the boat »

Gulf of Squillace: A boat capsized en route to Milasso, notices of crew and boat

Sink a boat in Squilus BayOne boat About 40 meters long It sank in the Gulf in recent daysAbout 9 nautical miles from the coast Catanzaro Marina. ship, flying the flag of Cayman IslandBut with an Italian crew, she was sailing from Gallipoli to Milasso.

But what happened? During the night, as reported by the agency HandleOn-board command called the Port Authority of Groton’s operations room. The ship was taking water from the sea. A Romanian patrol boat was sent to the area for duty on behalf of the agency
Frontex and CP 321 patrol boat from Crotone.
Firstly Four passengers and one crew member were safe It was immediately dispatched to a Romanian patrol boat, then a patrol boat, and was towed to the port of Catanzaro Marina while the shipping company contacted a towing company from Crotone to attempt to recover the unit.

At dawn Crotone’s tug Alexander II arrived and began towing the Saga towards the Calabrian capital, the only port the ship could enter, carrying four other crew members, including the commander.
But the situation worsened Due to the weather and the steady tilt of the boat, it seemed impractical Save Croton, your only chance to save him turns out to be trouble.
However, despite the effort, the unit had to be abandoned as water encroached on the hull It sank in a very short time.
The cause of the sinking will be investigated.

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