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Miss England, Melissa Raouf is the first finalist without makeup

Miss England, Melissa Raouf is the first finalist without makeup

Political science student Melissa Raouf decided to challenge the social norms that women want to wear makeup, and for Miss England, it brought her a little makeup-free revolution. “For me, it is very important because I have the impression that many girls, of all ages, wear makeup because they almost feel compelled to do so due to external pressures,” said the beauty queen.

The ambitious Miss England explained, “If a person is happy with their skin, they should not feel compelled to cover it with makeup. Our weaknesses make us who we are and what makes each individual unique.” On her relationship with her photo, Melissa Raouf said, “I always thought I wasn’t pretty enough and recently I accepted the fact that I’m pretty the way I am and that’s why I decided to compete without makeup. I believe in myself, while when I have makeup I feel trapped. This is me and I’m not afraid to show myself to others.” .

Choosing Melissa Raouf to participate in the Miss England contest by refusing makeup not only responds to an aesthetic ideal, it has very different roots. “Mental health is a very important topic, I just want everyone to feel good. I want to remove all standards of beauty because every standard is beautiful in its own way,” she explained.

Melissa Raouf will take part in the Miss England final with the Miss Bare Face (“clean face” in Italian) headband and no one better than her would deserve such a title. Angie Beasley, the contest organizer, explained that since the category was born in 2019, no one before Melissa has accepted the challenge of competing completely without makeup: “We received pictures of unreal competitors because of a lot of makeup on their faces. And this is the first time I’ve seen a girl without makeup “.

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What is certain is that Melissa Raouf, with her makeup-free choice, has sparked a huge curiosity on social media. Many young people approached her to show their support for her, thanking her for making them feel good about themselves and their appearance. At the Miss England final, they’ll all be cheering her on.