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8 year request for the Vitere brothers

8 year request for the Vitere brothers

Trial for tax offenses linked to the case of the Acqualina fitness club in Parma, which has been in judicial custody for seven years. Prosecutor Paolo Dal Monte asked for eight years in prison for brothers Antonio and Marcello Viteri, aged 68 and 56, entrepreneurs from Cutria. For Parma lawyer Antonio De Michele, the sentence request was six years and ten months. The three are charged with criminal conspiracy with the aim of committing tax crimes such as fraud, fraudulent bankruptcy, self-money laundering and non-return. According to the accusation, the sports facility, which also housed Florida Fitness, was managed by a series of paper companies that turned out to be empty boxes registered to front men, with the aim of evading taxes.

“Aqualena Fitness was run by President Alfonso DeLito”

The names of brothers Antonio and Marcello Vetere from Calabria, who were investigated for tax crimes following the investigation that led to the seizure of the sports center in Via Chiminis by the Guardia di Finanza, also appear in Emilia’s trial documents, although they are not present. Under investigation for crimes related to organized crime. The repentant Antonio Valerio speaks about them during three interrogations: “Antonio Valerio reported – we read in the documents – that Viteri Antonio is the leader of the Dilitto Alfonso band, sentenced to 14 years in prison for joining the mafia. According to the repentant’s statements contained in According to the Emilia investigation documents, the Sports Center , which included an Aqualina swimming pool, was in fact run by the alleged boss, who was ultimately indicted.

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