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$60 million settlement for talcum powder contaminated with asbestos

$60 million settlement for talcum powder contaminated with asbestos

A US jury convicted the company Johnson & Johnson Paying $60 million in compensation plus another $200 million in fines to a 48-year-old woman from…Oregon Specifically, who was afflicted with cancer MesotheliomaIt is a very serious cancer usually caused by exposure to asbestos.

To the plaintiff Kyung Lee I was diagnosed with mesothelioma last year. She says she is convinced she contracted the disease because of her 30-year exposure to asbestos found in talcum powder and deodorants produced by Johnson & Johnson. The company’s lawyers said during the hearing that they believe the disease was caused by asbestos used in a factory near Kyung Lee’s home. That’s why they have already announced that they will appeal.

Eric HaasThe Johnson & Johnson vice president said the ruling contradicts years and years of scientific research that has confirmed the safety of talcum powder: It does not contain asbestos and does not cause cancer.

However, Johnson & Johnson remained in the storm for several years. There are many people who have sued her for causing cancer with her cancer causing products. There are reports of 61,000 plaintiffs in the United States being accused of illness caused by asbestos talc. The vast majority of claimants are women with ovarian cancer, while only a small minority are patients with mesothelioma, just like this latest case. In these circumstances, the judges ruled in favor of the appellant, and forced Johnson & Johnson to compensate her in the amount of $60 million. But there are dozens of open disputes going on.

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One deal worth $6.48 billion is being sought

The company is seeking to settle the lawsuit with a single settlement worth $6.48 billion. Taking advantage of a loophole allowed by the Texas government, the company established an LTL subsidiary to outsource claims, only to later declare bankruptcy. In this way he wants to save the financial situation of the parent company.

But the previous two methods of resolving cases through insolvency proceedings were rejected by the courts because the branch could not prove the financial difficulties it was facing. The group needs the support of 75% of plaintiffs to obtain approval for a bankruptcy settlement that ends litigation by closing future cases.

Johnson & Johnson’s plan to file a sham bankruptcy has apparently been exposed by plaintiffs who claim the move is merely a way to obstruct, delay and defraud victims, excluding billions in compensation.

Some legal actions have been successful so far. For example, there is a 2021 ruling that awarded $2.1 billion to 22 women with ovarian cancer. In April, she was ordered to pay $45 million in a mesothelioma case.