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“Green Corridor destroyed the economy. Cancel it immediately” - Time

“Green Corridor destroyed the economy. Cancel it immediately” – Time

Georgia Meloni assaults Roberto Speranza. “The green corridor is a useless measure that has not reduced the infection in any way, while it has severely damaged the economic system. Enough hesitation and wasting time: this measure must be canceled immediately” in the words of the President of the Brothers of Italy, whose statements targeted the Minister of Health on the sidelines of an initiative in Florence at the suggestion of the various rulers of the United States. The region will cancel the use of the green corridor starting March 31.

“I think we must evaluate step by step. The government’s commitment is to overcome the emergency, and to overcome the emergency does not magically mean getting out of all restrictions because Covid remains a challenge to deal with. We are much stronger than in the past because we did a great vaccination campaign, as Having more than 91% of people who followed us in this vaccination campaign puts our country in very different circumstances compared to the past and we bend this Omicron curve thanks to vaccinations without generalizing the lockdown, so the confrontation between us in the government and between the government and Parliament will continue, and we will evaluate the best ways, but the road does not It’s still for me a confident road that looks into a new but gradual phase because that’s how we’re going. We’ve introduced ourselves and so far that has led to results that I think are there for all to see,” thinks Spe that Meloni was pissed about.

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