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Eduardo Stopa is a perfect outcast, and Aras Senol with minimal effort

Eduardo Stopa is a perfect outcast, and Aras Senol with minimal effort

Aras Senol wins Celebrity Island 2024. here they are Report cards for all competitors From the remaining Canale 5 show hosted by Vladimir Luxoria. There’s one truth all the castaways have in common: everyone’s participation in this embarrassing TV version of the show will be forgotten by the audience in a few days.

Alvina Vericondi Scorticchi: Porro Gigioni vote. I like her very much, but her usefulness inside Celebrity Island was as useful as her fork in the soup. But given how much he talks, I can only imagine the amount of chatter that will fill poor Gigioni, the friend who chose – a great strategic move – not to appear on television. Gigioni Free.

Samuel Byron: The Anvil Vote. Meaning heaviness. Even less, Samu come on. You don’t have to be constant and strict always. If you let yourself go every now and then, we don’t think of you as a dancer. The sacrifices you made throughout your life do not lose their meaning. Come on, take it down.

Eduardo Stopa: Predetermined vote. The perfect competitor. Never a word out of place, never offensive to anyone: Eduardo Stopa led the island as best he could have done. He is the moral winner of this edition of the program.

Matilda Brandy: Vote What happened to you? I hoped that we would see her as the champion of the chicken coop arguments, and that she would make us dream as much as Aida Yesbica and Antonella Elia’s unattainable dreams. Instead? nothing. Schoolgirl. How bitter.

Aras Senol: Vote for minimum expenditure and maximum return. Even today we cannot understand half of the words he can say in a sentence, even if they are short, in Italian. But he’s a good boy. We get that. And also because you play strategy games and understand little of the language spoken by others and make yourself less understood. He had already won almost without realizing it. Oh, happy for you.

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Eduardo Franco: I vote for Macieta. The show starts with real simplicity and makes you laugh with its jokes: finally someone who is “of the people” in this context. Then he realizes it’s working and turns into a character, pissing everything off and carving out a role more like a talking cricket than an outcast. But unfortunately, his intention to become the protagonist at any cost becomes clear. Missed opportunity.

Artur Diniz: I vote for the specialist. No one ever said that moving forward in a survival framework shows that the desired trait is empathy. on the contrary. The important thing is to have an accurate strategy and move forward with it. Which Artur Dainese did flawlessly.

Rosanna Lodi: Azikajarbogli vote. His role was essential. That’s why it was right to keep it in the game as much as possible. At least it caused controversy. Randomly and uselessly, but it sparked strife. It kept us awake.

Pepe Di Napoli: Vote for whom? He is introduced as a web star, but in reality it is not clear what his role is. He leaves the island as soon as he enters. Without firing a single shot.

Valentina Vezzali: I vote for sand in bed. Empathy Takes Away From Her: Her character in the remaining show on Canale 5 is clearly that of an unsustainable woman. In fact, she was returned to Italy as quickly as possible.

Joe Bastianich: I vote for LEgo. In the dual sense of ego and building or Lego. He left no trace on this edition of the program even with a stick on the sand. There is no trace of Joe Bastianich’s involvement. And also because he said “I” so many times during his stay in Honduras that we barely remember his name. The dance of humility.

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Francisco Benigno: Vote “He’s already been arrested”. It’s a quote from Maurizio Mosca’s great TV moment, Mr. Benigno Don’t start any fake complaints. No one wants to arrest her. He arrived in Honduras in the role of spoiler, and only left a few days later amid silence from production, writers, and management. Then his celebrity island followed the stories and posts of the limping Italian on social networks. How embarrassing.

Greta Zuccarello and Khadi Jay: Vote well. They both made the most of the opportunity of a TV show like the one on Canale 5. The audience had obviously forgotten about them too two hours after they left the celebrity island, but certainly in the game. They were among the absolute champions. My personal thanks to both of them for stimulating discussions and keeping me awake in the sea of ​​boredom that was Celebrity Island 2024.

Daniele Radini Tedeschi: voice but who? I mean: but who asked you to participate? He did nothing but criticize everything in this vulgar and vile world of entertainment. Then, a few weeks after his exit from Celebrity Island, he once again tried to attract attention by addressing the media. But wasn’t he allergic to flashy scenarios?

Dario Cassini: I vote disappointed. The hope was that his presence in Honduras would bring about change in the program. Instead he decided to become the third commentator from the beach. In fact, he was eliminated by the public at the first available opportunity.

Karina Sabsay: I vote for Loose Splinter. It arrived as little-known to the general public, leaving the remaining Canale 5 show unknown to the general public. But in the middle, it sparked discussion and created some dynamics. In short, he did what he wanted.

Pietro Fanelli: Voice rivers of words. Anything can be written about Pietro Fanelli’s presence on Celebrity Island, which is as understandable as Mattia De Sciglio’s presence among Juventus’ regular players. Even the foolishness uttered by his character – not the person, but the persona he created for himself to try to make room for himself on television – could be commented on in any way. I choose silence. So don’t get angry. He had already thought of it himself.

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Los Caponigro, Sonny Olomati, Maite Yanez, Francesca Bergisio, Marina Somma: Kochi Vote. This is my mother. They mean “poor people who haven’t had enough time to prove their identity, come here and let yourselves be spoiled a little.”

Eleanor Casalegno: I vote for 92 minutes of applause. Just thanks her. Indeed, thousands of thanks. Because if this edition of the program survives, it is thanks to him, his professionalism, and his ability to understand all situations and make the best of them even when they seemed to be stagnant in the shifting sands of authorial vacuum. Thanks to his experience. Because yes, management experience is important. I repeat the call: Give her her own program to lead. First evening. He deserves to be at the helm of power, not to fill the gaps of those who cannot remain at the helm of power.

Vladimir Luxuria: I hope to see you. To paraphrase what Leonardo Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini said at the time of Italy’s European Championship win, he had to eat a lot of pasta to reach great heights. Sorry.

Dario Maltese and Sonia Bruganelli: vote but enough is enough. Their role as commentators was more of a vacuum than a vacuum within a vacuum. Completely unable to follow the program even for just half a second. Good thing it’s over, now get them out of the way completely.