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500 athletes appeal to US Supreme Court: "Abortion rights upheld"

500 athletes appeal to US Supreme Court: “Abortion rights upheld”

“Rise Participation He was born Success Of women in Sports ‘S constitution is backed by guarantees Freedom and equality, Including ownershipReproductive autonomy“. When these words are finished 500 athletes The Americans filed a motion Monday Supreme Court To protect the right to abortion. The football star among them Megan Robino – Twice winner World Cup and Olympic gold medal Becky Charbran, Lynn Williams And basketball champions Diana is the zodiac sign – Best score of the Women’s League – e Sue bird, Married Robinho. He also signed Ashley Johnson, The first black woman Olympic water polo teamGold medal in Tokyo too. After the request comes the alarm of sports women – voted 2018, But the moment blocked by the Federal Court of Appeals – Dell Mississippi Compete for the validity of the historical sentence Row vs Wade del 1973, Which legalized abortion across the United States. The same ruling was challenged by the Texas Anti-Abortion Act, which was unconstitutional by the administration பிடன்: Minister of Justice Merrick Garland The Republic has announced a lawsuit against the state.

The Supreme Court should examine the movement of the Mississippi under the leadership of the Republic. “If women get rid of these Constitutional guarantees, The consequences will be for athletes and society as a whole Disaster – Reads the document signed by the women – I Physical costs Forced pregnancy and childbirth can undermine our ability Feel our full human potential“Athletes demand the right to” make important decisions about our bodies. ” Megan Robino Defined the law governing the right to abortionAnnoying and non-AmericanThe Supreme Court held further talks on the case December 1. Sentencing is expected by June 2022.

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