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Comprehensive test and debit in lockdown condition

at China With th Coronavirus disease I’m not kidding. Everything shuts down instantly. authorities GuangzhouAn industrial city with a population of 15 million has closed down the central Liwan district after an increase in cases, with 20 infections diagnosed in the past week. The numbers, albeit limited, alarmed city authorities, who ordered the release A complete lockout And mass testing of all Liyuan residents to reduce the outbreak.

Newspaper Global Times Talking about “Rapid and strong” infection spread. In the area, outdoor markets, nursery schools and entertainment venues have been closed, dining at indoor restaurants has been banned and face-to-face teaching at the school has been suspended. Restrictions have also been imposed, albeit less stringent, on residents of four neighborhoods.

Even the state of Victoria, in Australia, has gone into lockdown in an effort to stop infections that are growing again: 34 positive cases are currently registered, 12 of them in the past 24 hours. Acting Prime Minister James Merlino confirmed that at present 10,000 potential contacts have been identified and tracked. «Primary and secondary» In the context of the new outbreak that appeared.

Viruses in the Lab, Anglo-Saxon Intelligence: China Has Hidden Clues. The United States reopens the investigation

In particular, the country’s health officials are concerned about the existence of the Indian variant and the speed with which it has proven potential for expansion. The containment measures provide for the closure of all unnecessary businesses, and personal exits that are limited to cases of need, in addition to compliance with the rules of spacing, including the mandatory use of a mask.

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