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2024 rating of the most reliable brands and cars

2024 rating of the most reliable brands and cars

research – Inspiration from the historical annual study conducted by JD Power in the United States of America (from To learn more), Consumer Association UltraConsomowanted to do research onAutomotive reliability In Italy and Europe. For this reason, it conducted surveys among more than 30,000 motorists from nine countries (Italy, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain). UltraConsomo In their questionnaires, they asked about the make, model, and age of their car, and examined objective data such as year of purchase, kilometers traveled, Faults Which requires mechanical intervention and costs repairs. Answers were converted into a reliability index, expressed on a scale from 0 to 100.

Single color classification – The top four speak Japanese, with… Lexus He leads the group with 98 points, followed by Suzuki (93), from Subaru (93) And who Toyota (91). Cobra, also 91 years old, is the first brand not from the land of the rising sun. In sixth place, we return to Asia with Kia (89), while the German Smart comes in seventh place with 89 points. Rounding out the top ten were Honda (89), Mitsubishi (89) and Nissan (87). Mazda (87) is just outside the top 10, with 8 out of 11 Japanese occupying the top spots in the rankings. In the special ranking of Italian brands, the leader FiatWith 84 points, he followsAlfa Romeo (82) And who Lancia (80). Among the three distinguished historical German brands, BMW And theAudi They achieved the same result with 87 points, while… Mercedes It ranks just below 84. At the bottom of Altroconsumo's list, the only two brands that do not receive an excellent rating (80 and above) are Opel with 76 points and Land Rover with 64 points.

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How many problems are under warranty? – According to the study, the most reported errors are related to Electrical components (For example, headlights, fuses, indicator lights, central locking, windshield wipers). In second place, there are problems related to…Braking systemfollowed by those related to combustion engine (Cylinder heads, head gaskets, valves). Nearly one in four cars, exactly 23%, have problems in the first two years of their life, and therefore in the period always covered by a guarantee. The survey also asked Italian motorists how much they would have to pay for a car maintenance Normal for their car. Unsurprisingly, luxury brands lead the pack, particularly Mercedes and Audi at €450 per year. The brands with the lowest maintenance costs are Lancia (€200) and Dacia (€240).

Tesla pleases everyone – How many are there? Satisfied Their car drivers? This question answers more subjective reasons, often related to everyone's expectations. The optimal rating started from 75 points and above and all brands managed to satisfy their customers except one: again Land Rover (74 points). In this area Tesla, with 93 points, and in particular the Model Y, which also approaches perfection in reliability with 99 points. Lexus, Alfa Romeo and Porsche are also very popular.