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“180 episodes were useless.”

“180 episodes were useless.”

The final episode of La Volta Buona aired on Friday, May 31. During the live broadcast Katerina Balivo. He launched a search: “180 episodes were of no use to me and many other people.” In September he said: “The working group that I still don’t like won’t like me.”

On the last Friday in May, many Rai programs conclude their television season. Plus La Veta in Direta also with Alberto Matano Right time to Katerina Balivo It aired with the last episode aired on Rai1. During the live broadcast, the broadcaster launched A Dig into his team. In September, at the beginning of the first episode, he had uttered some sentences that suggested internal tension: Great body of work that I still don’t like“They won’t like me.”

Katerina Balivo dug in the last episode

During the last episode of La Volta Buona, broadcast on Friday 31 May on Rai1, Katerina Balivo launched a search for her cast. “nothing, 180 rings were useless. Not for you and not for many other people. It’s not even mineThe presenter said as she turned to her guest, Umberto Broccoli, who chose the wrong place to sit on the sofa. Then, at the end of the live broadcast, it was limited to Wishing the audience a “good summer”without adding any comment on The future of the program. Will Volta Bona return in September with a new version? If yes, will Katerina Balivo still host it? At the moment there is no news about this.

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What Balivo said in September about the staff

It seems that the presenter’s words are related to some people Phrases said in September 2023during the The first episode of La Volta Bona. Balivo opened the program by addressing the viewers, and he admitted as much I don’t “like” his body of work But let’s keep the possibility of seeing how things will go throughout the year:

“He asked you how many holes a woman had in her legs,” recalls Susanna Messaggio Mike Bongiorno

We will do our best to tell you these stories. Great body of work I still don’t like, they won’t like me. Or they will love me. I don’t know how things will go. I just know we want this, and that’s why we call these moments here good time.