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15 million jobs are on the way.  After April 30, the number will reach 35 million volumes

15 million jobs are on the way. After April 30, the number will reach 35 million volumes

Machine tax Officially again. After withholding notifications from business due to the Covid pandemic and the difficult economic conditions in the United Arab Emirates VAT numbers And companies, in recent days, the revenue agency has slowly begun notifying 15 million in between reviews, friendly notices and letters of compliance. In fact, the government subsidy decree left the government suspended until the end of this month Tax bills (There are 35 million accumulators in the drawers) But other tax business has not been extended. A few days ago, the director of the Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Rovinj, signed a clause to “restart” the notification device. Which will start gradually as we said.

The 15 million issues, due during the year of the epidemic, will be “distributed” over a period of 10 months. That is, it will be shipped between now and February of next year at a rate of 1.5 million every 30 days. Which will obviously be added to those that will ripen in the meantime. A chronological order will be followed: first, the oldest works will be sent out and then, gradually, the newest.

However, the recent subsidy decree grants companies and VAT numbers that have difficulty using the “easy identification” pathway. Companies that have undergone reductions in their sales volumes in 2020 (more than 30%), as a result of the economic impacts of the Covid-19-related emergency, will be able to reduce the amounts of fines required with friendly warnings. From the agency. But the big unknown remains what will happen to the 35 million tax bills after April 30. The government will not intend, as far as rebuilding, to extend the group freeze.

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In short, starting in May, the folder notification should start again. What we’re thinking, even in this case, is a gradual device restart (posting notifications over a two-year period) and a series of further simplifications for fixing suspended files during an emergency. Today, for those who have debts with the tax authorities amounting to 100 thousand euros, an “express” installment is already possible. That is, to reduce repayment up to 72 installments (6 years) without needing to provide evidence of one’s financial hardship. It is possible to extend the repayment in installments of up to 10 years, when the amount of the installment is greater than 20% of the monthly income of the family, resulting from the Income Status Index (Isr) in the Isee form.

Several hypotheses are being studied, such as automatically extending installments installments up to 10 years, reviewing applicable interest, and increasing the number of unpaid installments, even if not consecutive (there is a day 10), that are permitted before the premium is lost. But in addition to the government’s decision, it will also be necessary to monitor the vote in parliament on amendments to the subsidy decree. The proposed amendments “reported by” the political parties are scheduled to arrive this week, and meetings are scheduled with the government to determine which amendments should be approved and which should be rejected. Many of the proposals will focus specifically on financial separation. Forza Italia has already requested an increase in the maximum number of files to be removed from 5 thousand to 10 thousand, as well as an extension of the period from 2010 to 2015 and an income limit to reach an amnesty from 30 thousand to 40 thousand euros.

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A tax reform is also on the table. A reform that the government has also included in the economic and financial document. The pillars of the new system will be an automatic mechanism for eliminating roles, after five years of assigning the revenue-collection agency, and reforming the financing of the activity itself, which leads to the disappearance of the installment owed by debtors. . The primary goal is to prevent the formation of massive role buffers (there are nearly a thousand billion) that are almost impossible to collect.