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10 centimeters in the Val Soldana and Vicenza Pre-Alps.  Trentino has also been whitewashed

10 centimeters in the Val Soldana and Vicenza Pre-Alps. Trentino has also been whitewashed

Belluno – The winter storm that hit northern Italy today brought the first heavy snowfall of the season to the Veneto Dolomites. The white mantle has so far reached a thickness of 15 to 50 centimeters. White flakes fell in Cortina, Falcate, and several towns in Gador and Acordino. Snow, but from 1,300 meters above sea level, even on the Asiago Plateau. The Marmolada massif, already affected by the storm two days ago, saw another day of windy snow and strong winds – 77 km per hour and temperatures – reported the survey network ‘’. 10 degrees. At the summit, at Punta Peña, at 3,343 meters, the snow reached half a meter; 25 cm in Passo Fedaya, 30 in Passo Sam Pellegrino.

More serious events in Val Zoldana and some areas Vicenza Pre-Alps Where they fell 10 cm of snow. 6 to 8 centimeters between the algae and the falcate. Finally, 7 centimeters on Monte Piana, in front of Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Lake Misurina.

According to the Veneto Regional Agency for the Environment, the weather is mainly characterized by widespread precipitation, sometimes heavy, with generally uniform amounts of precipitation and sometimes abundant in the central-eastern regions. The strengthening of the wind is defined as marked, initially from Sirocco, then from the north or northeast, in the plains and the coast and sometimes even stronger in the mountains.

Snow in Trentino too

The first snow of the season whitened the mountains of Trentino, sometimes reaching the valley floor. Below 500 meters altitude, took place in San Cristoforo de Bergin Valsugana. The Province of Trento is monitoring the situation and there are currently no major problems. It is planned to implement already identified guard posts on the provincial road network to allow only vehicles equipped with appropriate winter equipment to pass if necessary.

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