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Next week, Hannibal still echoes the first storm of Monday, but then everything may change; Trend »


Weather: Hannibal anticyclone from next week, Monday, but then everything may change; Trend

Upcoming week with abrupt change. There will be many thundershowersHot African counter-cyclone Hannibal It will continue in its operation for several days, resulting in a Summer climate in general throughout Italy.
However, in the course Next week Everything can change, or at least one Dangerous storm breakdown It is caused by the entry of cold and unstable currents downward from northern Europe.

This irregular and long phase heat and stability will last at least until Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th. Without specific shocks (Excluding local heat storms).
A The first sign of change We expect it instead Wednesday 25: The rapid entry of cold and unstable winds from northern Europe can actually disrupt the atmosphere starting from the north and create a vortex.
Attention, because of the expected dynamics and given Very dangerous conditions Because of the anticyclone for several days Hannibal We do not exclude the risk of extreme weather events.

The basic point is precisely this: in heat It also increases the energy involved And above all thermal contradictions are enhanced by creating a deadly compound especially for the growth of the imposition. Storm cells, Even up to a height of 10/15 km. These events often affect small areas, which is why weather forecasting is essential in the short term. (Novcasting) In order to alert potential affected areas as soon as possible.

According to current data, the biggest risk will be to the regions North And to an area of ​​them CenterIncoming new currents can act as a catalyst for the emergence of these sectors Violent thunderstorms, With high risk of hail and local storms Unfortunately the latest news in recent years teaches us. In particular, the eyes are fixed on the plain Piedmont, Lombardy And Veneto Where important things should take place Contradictions Between different air masses.

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Given the unpredictability of the path of this vortex, the forecast of its direction may change in the next few days. Temporary Can affect different or larger areas.
We will let you know.

Cold currents from the North Pole: Risk of severe thunderstorms, especially in the central northCold currents from the North Pole: Risk of severe thunderstorms, especially in the central north


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