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When and how does it work

The insect screen bonus for 2022, accessible until December 31, consists of a 50% tax deduction applicable to classic protections and those with insulating screens, with a spending limit of 60,000 euros. Let’s see all the details of the measurement together.

The Insect Screen Reward 2022 It is a tax advantage that allows you to take advantage of it 50% off% On the cost of installing mosquito nets that can function as solar shields.

Let’s see in the next article what files Requirements To be respected to reach the reward.

Bonus mosquito net 2022: what it is

Retractable Insect Screen Stand Retractable Woman to open or close the window - Minute Mosquito Net

The Extra mosquito nets Consists of financial understatement In the form of Tax reduction (Irpef or Iref) equal to 50% of the cost incurred For purchase and installation, to be restored in 10 annual installments of the same amount. Alternatively, depending on the type of intervention carried out, you can choose Discount on the bill or the credit assignment.

You must bear the deductible expenses December 31, 2022.

To these expenses may be added those relating to the fees of the professional who undertakes the assembly ENEA Communicationsnecessary for the purpose of recognizing energy efficiency and related reward.

It is a good idea to determine how the bed net bonus is to be applied only Existing and stacked properties: Therefore, the discount cannot be availed in the case of buildings under construction.

Additional nets: technical requirements

Man working with accurate installation mosquito wire screen

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Rewarding bed nets is part of the perks offered atecobonus.: Thus, the installation of the mosquito net should result in a Improving the energy efficiency of the building. Therefore, in order to be eligible for the bonus, the nets must possess the extension solar shading function.

These nets are specifically characterized by:

  • show the CE . markto ensure compliance with community health and safety standards;
  • complies with the terms thermal transmittance u;
  • have a total solar factor (jtoot) greater than 0.35;
  • I fixed in a fixed manner on windows or glass doors;
  • protect one Exposure of the glass surface to sunlight;
  • I modifiable.