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"You're a piece of m."

“You’re a piece of m.”

Big Brother VIP

Sparks in the night between Manuel and ‘Princess’: Montanto remains speechless

barbs Manuel Portozzo. To evoke the attitude of the young man from Trieste towards Lucrezia ‘Lulu’ Selassiè The Big Brother VIP. During the night after the episode’s live broadcast on Friday, October 29, Manuel found himself talking to his friend Aldo Montano. The two were lying in bed when the “Princess” appeared and lovingly tried to expand the company with the intention of joining in swimming. The latter’s reaction was not the most gentle.

“No, go away, go away”Borzozo said in a clear and decisive manner, turning to Selassie who quickly realized that his presence would not be very welcome. So he ventured an excuse, explaining that he was simply tidying up the quilt. After that, he lost his patience and reserved very harsh words for Manuel: “You’re a piece of m…”.

Montano, who had seen the scene, was left out for a moment, visibly surprised by the turn the situation had taken and Manuel’s sharp words. His unwillingness to interfere in the personal story of the two young men, but preferred to remain in religious silence. Hence the choice not to say a word about the sparks unleashed between the 22-year-old and Lucrezia.

Many viewers who watched the story streamed on Twitter, raining fire tweets against Portozo. Many users wished that in the future Trieste would be more compatible with Selassiè and have less coarse words for her.

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Big brother Vip, Sonia Briganelli and Adriana Volpe sounded the call: “Manuel, don’t fool Lulu”

A few hours before the brawl ended, commentators from the GF Vip had their say on Manuel’s behavior. Sonia Bruganelli The young man advised that in the event that there was no intention of getting acquainted with the girl outside the most spying house in Italy, it would be good not to provoke ambiguous situations (Bortuzzo came back a few days ago to kiss Lulu).

do the same speech Adriana Volpi Which appealed to the 22-year-old. “Please don’t cheat on her. I fought a battle to remove him…”Submitted by Trentino, confirmed.