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You don't fight for freedom by trampling on it

You don’t fight for freedom by trampling on it

In the 1968 Revolution, the Beatles sang “If You Speak Of Destruction / Don’t Count On Me”. And if the year 68 is already a parody of past movements, then the warm autumn that the galaxy promised no chaos and no passing seems to be a parody of parodies of parodies. History for Marx is first tragedy, then farce, but from the third time, how do we define it? Like many, we think the Green Passport is a wrong and unfair procedure, and we despise those who are treated unvaccinated by “under men”, to be denied the vote and even the National Health Service. Those who took to the streets cannot be described as “terrorists” as virologists say on the small screen, and even more absurd is the organizers’ definition of being part of “hate networks”, as a left-wing newspaper wrote yesterday, even if they are. Islamists.

Having said that, unfair actions are being taken in Parliament, in the media and, of course, on the streets. Not by besieging newspaper offices (like this one), beating up journalists (or anyone else), and least of all by blocking trains, as one of these groups threatens today. This is a method that has nothing to do with the history of the right, the moderates, the conservatives: from anarchists to Cubas to social centers, harming people by forbidding them to travel is typical of the extreme left. Chasing them down the street and threatening them is just foolishness. However, these movements on the right side of the political spectrum, the League and above all the Brothers of Italy, are rightly audible. But if they are persecuted in this behavior, they will find the wrath of the citizens truly angry, ready to understand when they are protesting their job, and not because they do not want to be vaccinated. And they will lose any support from the political forces: however, they can look for it in the far left “enemy”, if they find it. Also from a strategic point of view, turning away the majority of Italians, calling them “peccorone” and preventing them from going to work or reaching their girlfriend (speaking of personal freedom!), doesn’t seem like a very smart move: it unleashes legitimate police action which is quite effective for what They define it as a “health dictatorship,” which at this point has the perfect scapegoat to justify lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, and all that remains. In short, a great strategy.

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