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Xbox Series X can run Windows 98 and all the classic games for Microsoft -

Xbox Series X can run Windows 98 and all the classic games for Microsoft –

The group of tech experts at the Digital Foundry pulled off a rather interesting experiment. We’ve all said a few years ago, in fact, that “consoles are now personal computers,” but rarely has there been a more impressive demonstration. In fact, Alex Battaglia managed to install Windows 98 straight on one Xbox Xbox X. With Microsoft’s operating system available, this was a moment to get it all working PC classics Available at that time.

To do this, Digital Foundry had to install the emulator”RetroArch“On the latest generation console from Microsoft. Doing this, according to Battaglia, wasn’t easy, because as a developer you have to have access to the console, being part of the paid program Microsoft partner.

Once on the console, use DF RetroArch not to play games, but to install Windows 98 on the console and then use its interface directly to play classics of the likes Quake 2, Half-Life, Command and Conquer.

The video then shows a file comparison Among the games that were emulated by consoles and the original games that ran on a PC at the time. The console version can’t keep up with the original (it has to emulate the operating system that runs the game afterwards), but the experience is still impressive.

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