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Many ads and trailers expected, the wait begins -

Many ads and trailers expected, the wait begins –

With the beginning of the year also, the first information, still very vague, about Summer Game Festival 2022, which also included in this new version a lot Ads, trailers and previews In many of the featured games of the Geoff Keighley event.

The organization of the summer event began its promotional mechanism with the beginning of the new year, through an official tweet that included “news, announcements and events” for this version as well, and recommends that you stay informed on the official channels for instant updates. on the contents to be disclosed.

Obviously, there’s still plenty of time to talk about it: there hasn’t been any time yet for Summer Game Fest 2022. Official dates But this should be done above all in conjunction with the typical period of E3 2022, or towards the approach of June, but we do not have accurate information about the latter at the moment.

As in past years, in this case also it is a container event, during which various presentations of different types will be transmitted, from specialized events on individual publishers to other more general ones, as well as a more substantial central presentation. Jeff Kelly, in which the main advertising should be concentrated. So watch Summer Games Festival official website, which has already started the first updates.

Last year’s release is remembered above all for its amazing closure with Elden Ring, in which the release date and gameplay videos have been revealed (although the first was later postponed), but there are still many new features, such as you can review by looking at a summary of all Trailers and news from the latest version.

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