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Are you looking for some ways to put your hands on the wheel right away even on those hot summer days? There is one method in particular that will surprise you a lot! Let’s move on to discovering this simple and effective method!

Steering wheel is very hot –

Getting back into the car on hot and sunny summer days is a real nightmare for many. In fact, the car can already be “on fire” and it takes several minutes before you can use it again. In addition to the seats, gearbox and other interior parts, The steering wheel can also be hot. How to prevent it from overheating every time? Let’s find out everything in detail!

There are still very good classic ways to fix the steering wheel (and other car interior parts) from the sun! Our first advice to you – so very trivial – It is to find a parking space in a shaded place, perhaps under trees. But especially in crowded coastal resorts, this may not be possible. This is due to both the high turnout of people and the lack of shaded areas. In some cases, finding a parking space can be a real challenge! How do we do it then?

How to prevent the steering wheel from overheating in the summer? Here’s a method that will surprise you!

Another traditional method is to place a sun visor on the car windshield. It protects the steering wheel and all interior parts of the car from heat. Or at least it can be a good solution to reducing the internal heat and boiling the steering wheel! But what other amazing trick can you use to keep your steering wheel cool?

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heated steering wheel
Here’s a Trick to Get a Cool Steering Wheel Even on Hot Summer Days – Motori.News

Moreover, a classic solution can be to equip yourself with a rag and a water bottle, in order to wet the steering wheel and reduce boiling on it in just a few seconds! However, these are fairly well-known methods. It’s effective, but you won’t always be able to have an umbrella, a wet rag or other similar solution at your disposal (even if you forget it)! So how do we avoid the steering wheel “catching fire” without having to use outside objects or having to park in the shade? Here’s the simple and amazing way!

But what is this very simple way to be able to use the steering wheel of your car immediately even on hot days? Nothing is simpler! Before leaving the car after stopping it, in fact, you will have to rotate the steering wheel 180 degrees. This way, the parts of the steering wheel that you will touch once you get back into the car will not be constantly affected by the flash of the sun. They will stay in the shade and you can start driving right away without using other accessories!