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Addition of a second GP in the US is underway

Addition of a second GP in the US is underway

According to new team owner Trackhouse, MotoGP wants to bring a second US GP to the calendar.

Justin Marks saidTrackhouse Racing Owner, MotoGP is reportedly working on bringing another GP to the US calendar. As already announced, the American team will enter the World Championship from next season after winning the NASCAR category. The grid replaces RNF Racing, which will be phased out from the 2024 season.

MotoGP is working to bring a second GP to the United States Credit: Sky Sports

In recent years, Grand Prix racing has declined in the United States, and with it general interest.

In an exclusive interview, the report said, Trackhouse Racing owner Justin Marks said the Torna would like to bring a second Grand Prix on American soil to the calendar..

America is a big country and having more than one Grand Prix helps. The announcement and promotion of the new circuit alone will make MotoGP shine.”

People are drawn to what they haven’t seen, and I know Dorna is working in that direction. I’m not exactly sure how those conversations are happening right now, but we’re here to help”.

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however, There aren’t many circuits in the US suitable for hosting another MotoGP race.

There are not many rounds we can go. We have fantastic facilities in the United States, but most of them are designed for auto racing”.

There are two circuits under construction that will surely match the MotoGP standard. It may not be next year or the year after that, but many tracks are being laid to make it possible.

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Cover image credit: via Sky Sport