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From China, small “pandas” costing less than 4 thousand euros will be sold like hotcakes

From China, small “pandas” costing less than 4 thousand euros will be sold like hotcakes

The Fiat Panda is the best-selling car in Italy, but a series of competitors are exiting China, putting the model in crisis.

There are different reasons allowed Panda Becoming the best-selling and most sought-after car throughout Italy for many years. Even in 2023, in fact, no vehicle even vaguely comes close to the Panda's sales, as these sales exceeded 100,000 units, while the second Dacia Sandero did not even reach 50,000 units.

Fiat Panda, trembling at the news coming from China (Stellantis Press Media –

Figures clearly highlight how Fiat She has in Panda One of its strengths and this is evident from the fact that it will also give life to a new model in the near future. This will be the electric variant and there is great anticipation for July, the month in which Fiat will introduce this innovative version.

the Panda It currently comes in a length of 365 cm, a width of 164 cm and a height of 155 cm. For this reason, it can be approved for four and five people, as the Turin company decided to create a car that is currently only a hybrid version. Mild hybrid.

In fact, it comes with a 1000 displacement 3-cylinder engine that can deliver a maximum of 70 horsepower. The maximum speed that the car can reach is 164 km/h, with a very low consumption of just 5.3 liters per 100 km, including the starting cost 15.500 euros. The numbers perfectly explain why there are so many customers in Italy and all over the world, but competitors are coming from China which will make many models sell like hotcakes.

Hongguang Mini and beyond: Small cars are very popular in China

Some time ago, many leading companies in the automotive sector decided to break away from the group by saying that electricity could not become the only option. This is a clear and thought-provoking position, but it seems that the whole world does not support this view.

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Hongguang Mini EV (GM Press Media –

the Chinese In fact, it is growing a lot thanks to the development of electric cars and it must be said that the Asian nation is getting excellent feedback especially from small cars. In fact, these are the cars most in demand by young people, even very young people, as these cars are ideal for getting around the city at low cost and without pollution.

The brand with the best results so far is la Hongguang Mini EVIt is a model that has sold 1.2 million units so far. Naturally, the cost is very low, at 30,000 yuan, or 3,900 euros. These cars are produced by Wuling, The car has become very popular in Liuzhou, a city located in the south Chinese Which has been a huge success with small cars thanks to corporate incentives, with an amazing series of new charging stations.

The dimensions of this car show a car measuring 300 cm long and 150 cm wide, with an unusual autonomy for a small city car: 215 km. So it seems that small and electric cars have the potential to become a much appreciated and environmental solution in the coming years.