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Why does the smell of gasoline attract us so much: There is a biological explanation, but we have to be careful

Why does the smell of gasoline attract us so much: There is a biological explanation, but we have to be careful

The attraction we experience toward benzene has an explanation in biology. But be careful because it's not all rosy.

Gasoline, how wonderful! The scent seems strong and pungent, precisely because of these properties, it is capable of It exerts a certain attraction on many.

For goodness sake, this may not be a siren song but there is certainly no shortage of people doing it They find the typical smell rather pleasant From the fuel that spreads everywhere around us when we fill the gasoline pump.

But why do we find the smell of gasoline pleasant? In order to give an answer we have to look for it within a group of factors Which calls into question the world of biology and the realm of our personal memories.

Gasoline because its smell attracts us very much

A first explanation must be sought in the “Madeleine effect.” Marcel Proust described it in his masterpiece In search of lost time Where the great writer talks about the emotional, nostalgic and delicious consolation pleasure of a small piece of madeleine soaked in tea, capable of… Launching a kind of time travel through the world of memories.

The smell of gasoline may make us dive into the past –

Just like Madeleine Proust, Even the smell of gasoline seems able to revive old memories of the past It takes us back in time, to the point of bringing up happy memories of car trips with our family during childhood or other beautiful moments spent with our loved ones or friends. This may be what makes gasoline smell nice The ability to establish an emotional connection with happy experiences from the past.

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A biological explanation must be sought Medial-peripheral pathwayOur brain's reward system is capable of this Release of dopamine, the so-called “happiness hormone” Or rather, the neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and satisfaction. Perceiving the smell of gasoline our brain will activate this system, giving us a feeling of well-being and euphoria. In essence it would be a dopamine hit, one Discharging positive energy that can make us feel good.

On the other hand, as we mentioned at the beginning, there is an unpleasant side to the smell of gasoline. In other words, as often happens c'It's the other side of the coin: Gasoline remains toxic and harmful to our health. Gasoline fumes can be inhaled for a long time Serious damage to the lungs, nervous system and even the brain. With all due respect to beautiful childhood memories, it is best to avoid exposure to gasoline smells for a long time.