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WhatsApp, the first tests failed: we have to wait for the expected functionality

WhatsApp, the first tests failed: we have to wait for the expected functionality

Although the March 6 deadline is approaching, WhatsApp is experiencing the first failed tests of the release of the anticipated functionality.

Compatibility. A word as complex as it is in 2024 for WhatsApp, which will revolutionize the world's number one instant messaging app to such an extent, changing it forever at the behest of new EU regulations.

WhatsApp, March 6th is getting closer and closer –

March 6th is a date to mark on your calendar. Why? Because it is the deadline by which everyone will arrive Great technical talks (and everyone) They will have to offer interoperability To its users, they are subject to serious financial penalties. But what is interoperability? In much simpler words, all chats (not just WhatsApp) should be open to messages from other chat apps, without any other obstructions. WhatsApp has apparently been working on it for some time to meet the strict requirements of EU regulations, but it first has to resolve the issue resulting from failed tests of the upcoming functionality release.

WhatsApp and the great progress between privacy, security and comfort: the time has not yet come

WhatsApp is also working on validating the username feature coming in a future update, but only because the testing highlighted development issues. In WhatsApp's intentions, with this improvement, there was an intention to provide users with a feature The most secure and private way to connect With others, reducing the need to share phone numbers to communicate.

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WhatsApp between privacy, security and comfort –

WhatsApp has improved this functionality by perfecting the validation process, but that's not enough. From the screens highlighted by the reliable wabetainfo, there is a new section where users will be able to choose their preferred username. After inserting it, WhatsApp will be launched Verification process To ensure that the username you choose is unique and meets specific criteria, such as the presence of alphanumeric characters (az and 0-9).

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Once validation is done, users will have the ease of using this username as a means of identification within the WhatsApp platform, Reduce reliance on sharing phone numbers Personal communication. All of this will certainly represent a major advance in privacy, security and convenience.

It certainly confirms that It will ensure that usernames are unique And meet specific standards to prevent duplication and maintain the integrity of the platform. But the time has not yet come: the username function is still under development.